Diana Srinati Baur of Baur Bed and Breakfast.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Diana Srinati Baur writes beautifully, she also creates some neat pottery and runs a lovely place called 'Baur Bed and Breakfast' in Italy. Its always inspiring to discover a person of talent and integrity. So as I looked at her blog 'creative structures', her beautiful inn and her work at the potters wheel, so many aspects of her were coming alive for me, and i was like wow! But for me, her honesty and the generosity with which she shares her life and her lessons will be the biggest- whether it is sharing a bit of personal family history or taking us through the way she works in her studio, its clear she lives her life with utter honesty. And that is so invaluable.
The beautifully stained exteriors of Baur Bed & Breakfast "We created this special place for people looking for comfort without pretense, friendliness and respect for privacy, a place to cook, drink, eat and explore."
Which got featured in Apartment Theory
This picture completely takes my breath
Every corner has its own charm

Beautifully appointed rooms
I love the wall colour & what the sun does to it.
the acqua and glass shower
It is detailing that makes this place what it is
All the art on the wall is hand-made by Diana
What a gorgeous piece of art this is
These pieces are specially created decorative tiles that Diana makes.
sunny happy exteriors
sun dappled wall overlooks the pool
I love this architectural detail
I Could sit here for hours.
Baur Bed and Breakfast is a brilliant option for people who appreciate wine and like to cook their own food (you can reserve the kitchen in advance for your culinary sessions). (do click on the link for details)
All information and images are from Baur Bed and Breakfast.

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