Liz Kinder Ceramics

Monday, November 09, 2009

I'm not hugely into ceramics. I just don't know enough. But this is the unadulterated kind of eyecandy I can't ignore. When i saw Liz Kinder's gorgeous creations on the very talented Diana Srinati Baur's blog, I knew I had to feature her here. I've seen studio pottery in dignified deep blues, sedate browns, and earthy greens, but I've never seen this kind of exuberance in ceramic. So brace yourself for a splash of glaze, grace and colour.
happy swirls mix purple and yellow

colour me bright!

sunny side up :)
stripes and swirlsi just love this strong design
Cheerful blues
This is so cool
Such a vivid green& all shiney too
paint the town red with this
All colours from the earth to the sun
fun, fun fun!
we are dotty!
I love her delicate range- Liz calls them frilly white
And says its a huge hit with newly weds- the women adore it
The men love it equally but hate the name :)
And yes she does browns too & aren't they mouth-wateringly gorgeous!
I couldn't resist posting this uber cool picture of the Liz Kinder herself (though i dont normally put up faces here- maybe thats changing!) Don't you just love her sunny yellow studio!

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