The Ajit Bhawan Hotel, Jodhpur

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

When we were was planning our Rajasthan trip last year, what really struck us was the dearth of decent and realistic representation in pictures of the hotels were booking online. These pictures are from my archives and from the pictures I shot when i was there last year. We were staying at the Ranbanka Palace at Jodhpur and we were in the mood for some exploration so we walked into The Ajit Bhawan which was another fantastic property right next door. We lunched here after which I walked around taking pictures of this beautifully kept place.

This picture so doesn't do the place justice, it was really quite stunning, white wicker chair on the sands
Peaceful green lawns
The rooms are set around this spacious couryard on two levels
Sun dappled doors
This is where we sat and ate and I was taking in the tasteful decor
A patterned mirror pillar stands elegant
Loved the floor and the elegant colour scheme. Ajith Bhawan differed from a lot of places we saw in Rajasthan in the usage of this subdued palatte.
What a pretty floor
The dining room opened out to the...
Outdoor rustic bar with cane chairs...
....and mirrored walls
Pretty little cottages with thatched roofs and potted plants
What stole my heart was the terracotta vessel which announced the room nos. What a neat idea.
Among the greens are nestled little terracotta elephants
What makes a great place are the details, and the little surprises, I turned a curve & saw this cart- isn't it a dear?
One of the outer walls had this wall mounted antique wheel.
My favourite picture from this entire bunch.
This last year has seen me crazy busy, but in the coming months I will be happy to share with you some of the places we stayed at when we were in Rajasthan.

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