Art by Aarohi - Restored & handpainted furniture by Aarohi Singh

Thursday, August 21, 2014

When I first saw Aarohi Singh's work with furniture it really made me stop in my tracks. It carries her stamp of boldness and fearless use of colour. The texture, the honesty that working with hands brings to a piece of furniture is seen in abundance in this series of "restored, revived and re-imagined furniture".
 Being a person who also designs products and sells them, I know this - that it does not end with creating something beautiful. One has to then style & shoot it beautifully, one has to market it. There is a different kind of creativity required at every level. That is why this collection is so dear to me. So stunningly created and equally boldly styled and shot.
"My work is about connections. And the idea of using something already existing and infusing it with fresh perspective to enhance pre existing memories on a given piece is really what dreams are made of for me. With each of these pieces that I rework I am looking to add a newer more contemporary dimension to an old weather beaten piece. A box, a chair, a trunk. Something that has history in its very grain, the nuts and bolts, the handles that maybe broke because of the strain of carrying a lifetime of someone’s personal belongings." - Aarohi Singh

 "I wanted to give them a new lease of life. But I wanted to build on the memories, not obviate them entirely. The observer may notice subtle remains which bear testimony to the trunk’s past life. This one in my mind works as a coffee/center table or a trunk for storage at the foot of a double bed." - Aarohi Singh

Catch this collection at the Purple Turtles Store, Indira Nagar, Bangalore. And you get to meet the artist and have Chai With Aarohi  on August 23rd, 3-6 pm. Mark your calender people. All of you who have wanted to meet Aarohi Singh, 23rd is the day. 

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