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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I have been seeing Aarohi's Art for a long time. On buckets, chairs, kettles, tables. You name it and she has probably painted on it. Bright bold and spontaneous art. So this time when I went to Bangalore, I called her up. And she said, come over, "I have to show you something" I could sense the excitement. It was palpable. We met at Aarohi's art filled home. And I for the 1st time I came face to face with her infectious spirit. Like how did they fill one body with so much enthusiasm, so much fire, so much clean energy? We spoke of everything from her art to her children to the colours in her home and finally about her new project.
Only the project is new, but everything she feels about it goes deep down. She described to me in detail the atrocities that street dogs have to undergo, how inhumanly they are sterilised and left back in localites not their own & therefore at the mercy of the local strays. And finally how they just quietly vanish. All this spelt out in the very articulately Aarohi way.
I think a lot of us feel strongly about certain issues, what's amazing how Aarohi has taken it to the next level and actually done something about it. She has designed this bright colourful collection of accessories, like totes, clutches, wallet cum key pouches, laptop cases, iPad cases, iPhone cases and cushion covers - around her cause, stray dogs. ArtByAarohi's Poonchh Collection is exclusively about stray dogs.

Her practice sketches on the right
And now coming to the point, Aarohi's Happy bright and smart Poonchh Collection
"Aarohi is also putting her money where her mouth is. 50% of the profits from the sales of every item in the Poonchh Collection will go towards the welfare of strays in perpetuity, particularly towards spaying and neutering them. “I believe that, over time, animal birth control and better garbage disposal in our cities will help in solving the problem of strays on our streets.”

“I want people to carry the products around, and for the products to become a talking point,” says Aarohi. “Hopefully, that will set off a ripple effect, leading to increased awareness about strays, and translate eventually into better and more humanitarian care for the dogs.”
To know more about the why's and how's in Aarohi's voice click here. And to see who she is working with, which is Voice of Stray Dogs, click here.
And to buy the cool stuff featured here, do head to 100 ft Restaurant, Indiranagar, Bangalore.
So are you? Ok, atleast those in Bangalore? Its on for 3 days. 10th, 11th & 12th Feb 2012.
If you have any questions, write to or

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