Going to L.A. for the Desire to Inspire book launch!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

It is with a full heart that I write this post today. I wanted to tell all of you that I am leaving for Los Angeles on the 13th to go to the "Desire to Inspire" book launch that will happen on 15th December 2011 in Santa Monica. For those of you reading news about this the 1st time on this blog, Desire to Inspire is Christine Mason Miller's book that I am part of/contributor to. You can read more about it here. After a month of 1st wondering whether I should go, to thinking yes I will, to many emails to Christine Mason Miller the brilliant generous author of the book, to applying for my U.S.Visa, to it coming through, and then packing and tying loose ends, I'm now close to DDay and so excited that I am FINALLY sharing this news with all of you. You without whom this journey would not be possible. And even if it were possible, would not be as meaningful. I know that so many of you have been reading this blog since its 1st post 4 years ago and you've seen me go through various phases including when I took the plunge to quit my advertising career to blog and design and mainly follow my heart. The last is the reason I am part of this amazing book called Desire to Inspire - Using Creative Passion to Transform the World. The same reason I respected and hero worshipped Christine Mason Miller from afar, because in her I found a woman who lived courageously, artfully and shared her inspired journey unstintingly and honestly through her books, Plant your dreams and Miracles will Grow and Ordinary Sparkling Moments.
Going to Los Angeles for the book launch means many things for me, mainly it means standing up and showing up for something that I believe in. It means meeting the many luminous women this book speaks of. Getting a chance to see up close and 1st hand women the world holds up as inspiration, and possibly a chance to hear and get to know some of them better. A chance to spend time with the one and only Christine Mason Miller who has made such a coming together of authors, life coaches, designers, Yoga teachers and business leaders possible.
I will definitely be bringing back a stack of books from the U.S. And will blog about the Desire to Inspire book and the launch event once I'm back on the 27th of December. From not believing all this is happening to me to going for the book launch, its been an incredibly exciting time for me. Will come back with many photographs and stories of my time in LA, Dallas and San Fransisco. And if any of you reading this post is these parts of the U.S., lets try and connect. You can write to me on vineetanair2222(at)gmail(dot)com. Definitely do come for the book launch which will be on 15th of December, 6.00 pm, Hotel Ambrose, Santa Monica, Los Angeles.
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