A quick peek at my plate.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Will it be considered abnormal if I make 15 San Francisco posts? Ok, so I have clicked many many many pictures and I'm having a horrible time shortlisting good pics for posts. So I'm chickening out for now & making a quick post on food. Did i say food? on artnlight? Anyone who has read this blog even for a few months knows I never post on food. But I have exactly 5 food pics & its easy to put it up. Not much of a choice there. That said, on a serious note, as a vegetarian, I was pleasantly surprised that I always got veggie food & it was always yummy, even in Texas, the land of steak. Here goes :)

From the pastry at the Korean Incheon Airport to the many pastas & Margarita pizza's to sandwiches to burghers to quesedillas to Ethiopian food, there are many options for veggies. No stress on that one for sure.

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