Dallas in December.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Jetlagged and aching all over. Not exactly my idea of a perfect vacation. But that's exactly how I reached Dallas from L.A. and just got worse. One such evening after deciding 'we won't do anything' my sister-in-law suggested a family walk, everyone including the 2 dogs. So out we went. And what a pretty sight met my eyes. I still can't quite get over how everything looked picture perfect. It seemed like suburban Dallas had held onto its Autumn so I could take a few frames back home to Bombay.

Lots more coming up. San Fransisco blew my mind, so definitely expect many posts on that one city. Also some amazing stores which I had just heard of & never seen like Anthropologie (yes!) and UrbanOutfitters. And some which I had never heard of and liked equally. Its gonna be the US of A on artnlight for a while now :) :) Just kidding. Will post as usual on all things that come up for me. Point is, stay tuned! :)

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