Just a hello and few white roses for you

Friday, March 28, 2014

This is from the same day that I shot Tinyfarm's Calender. Flowers came home that day. And i had a beautiful time styling a few frames. I remember the days when i stared blogging, I completely didn't get the whole deal around flowers. And the many endless flower pictures I saw on people's flickr streams would puzzle me. Cut to this post where I could not stop shooting these pictures. But the softness of these white petals is something I couldn't quite get over. I have seen myself changing over these years, from someone who lived in jeans and sneakers and only bought jewellery that sat in boxes, to someone who actually wears them. And this love for flowers is certainly not the old me.

I know there are many posts unwritten, I won the 2013 GoodHomes blogger award, that story needs telling, Kalighat Part II waits, and there is at least 1 major Kumbh post that's pending. And so many others. But for today, these flowers are for all of you, who come back to this extremely erratically and sporadically written blog. Sometimes I do think that my staunch belief that I will NOT do anything here just for the heck of it or just because there is not enough time to make a meaty post, does keep this space without new news. But today is a 1st step towards - simply saying hi. This space has brought amazing grace into my life. 
So thank you. 
All of you.


Also do take participate in the lovely Giveaway contest for Tinyfarm's beautiful calender, right before this post. 
Stay safe and stay happy.

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