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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Colours. Deep, warm, pulsing and heart filling. That Indians have a thing for colour is no new news. And Jaypore is celebrating this. Its the Rang week in Jaypore. And they celebrate it with a splash of colour on clothes on accessories, on jewellery, you name it, if you are a colour lover, just head over to Artnlight products are a part of their Rang. And selling under the event called "Labor of Love" I'm touched that they chose this heading to sell my products under.They also blogged about the inside story of Art&light and the journey from blogging to creating products in a well written post (you can read it here)
What is exciting is that this range is not available anywhere else online right now. I sent them the Queen boxes and the Botanical Boxes before I even shot them myself. So here's how they look. And the event is on for one more week & things are already getting sold out. So if you've been eying your Queen or Botanical Box or tray, the time to grab it is NOW :)

 This is a Hinge Box and great way to keep your jewellery or knick-knacks. Dimensions: 8x8x3 inches.
This box has a lift off knob lid. Measures to 7x7x3 inches. 

Click here to shop this range :)

Lots of love & meet you guys soon :)

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