'Ordinary Sparkling Moments' Arrives!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Brace yourself people, this is going to be a long post & it is a story of the wonders of blogging, the internet and my journey as an artist-blogger. Infact its going to be so long & I have decided to split it into a 2 part series. I have been a fan of Christine Mason Miller from the time I started blogging. She was one of the 1st artists I discovered through decor8 who blew my mind. (You can read my previous post on her here). Her work & her words were an important part of my artistic & personal journey. My friend & I had printouts of her work on our soft boards in office :) So imagine my happiness when I saw her on Facebook & asked politely to be connect, as I was such a huge admirer of her work. To my surprise she not added me but wrote to me saying she loves my work. That I was amazed and humbled is putting it mildly J there was no looking back from there. To cut a long story short, one of the most exciting results of this connection was that she made me a book fairy for *Ordinary Sparkling Moments* her book that has inspired me hugely & i was officially part of her brilliantly conceived and executed 100 Books Project. A Book Fairy typically places the book anywhere & waits for it to get picked by a random person, but in my next post you will see I didn’t really do it that way. In our correspondence, I had already requested her if I could buy a copy of her book Ordinary sparkling Moments & if she would autograph it for me. I will never forget the day her book arrived in my house. All wrapped up in pretty blue & brown paper & with my address written in her inimitable handwriting. It was one of the most moving moments from me as a blogger and as an artist to hold her book in my hands, go through the colourful, inspiring pages. And in more ways than one it was a milestone in my journey as an artist.

When I 1st saw Christine’s work I was an advertising art director whose dreams of quitting and doing my own thing seemed very far away & not really practical. And this book was one of the things that inspired me to reach today. My next post will be about being a Book Fairy & the amazing recipients of the brilliant book Ordinary sparkling Moments.

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