Madhumita Goswami's Home

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I had gone to meet Madhumita Goswami a few months back with regard to retailing at Loose Ends and how glad was I that she called me home instead of meeting up at some Coffee place. Instanty I asked her if she would be open to me featuring her place here on artnlight & she was like- 'sure'. What immediately struck me about her home was the colour palette. Its not often that I see such mature and confident handling and mixing of subtle and rare colours. The living room has this quiet mauve-blue wall & the furniture is upholstered with bright warm yellow & there is a Madhumita's daughters little chair that provides a bright pop of pink. It takes someone who knows exactly what she is doing to bring these colours together.

Even before you enter you know this house is going to be different. Decoupaged name plate & a quaint little letterbox from the streets of London. Art printed on Canvas. I have great respect for anyone who has the confidence to throw these colours together.
Black and white editorial photography near the dining table lends it a lot of charachter. The family photos in a range of handpicked unique frames
Many continents in one shelf
The background may be a soft moss green, but it is played up with black and white family photographs & super bright & happy wall art.

I love how Madhu has treated this corridor. Moulding in a contrasting colour & a BIG graphic print from makes sure that you notice this space.

Madhu's & her husband are voratious readers & they have a massive collection of books & dvds
Every corner has its own charachter whether it belongs to her daughter
or whether it speaks of her travels...
...or her love for cooking. If there is beauty in a bottle label, trust Madhumita to see it.

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