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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

My 2nd post for is about the Scandinavian Fashion Brand DAY and their Winter Autumn lifestyle collection. Here the colour of sophistication, grey is used as a beautiful backdrop .You see velvets, cottons & silhouettes used sharply to bring alive this Autumn Winter Collection, with touches of stately blues, ethnic gold, metal & mud colours. Immerse yourself in elegance.

"Silhouettes have been a key inspiration in the collection. The thing about silhouette motives are that they are not only graphically beautiful , they also starts your imagination, and you actually see details that you wouldn't have seen in regular sketch. " Day.

"Also a color like ETHNIC GOLD looks like it's a classic! It 's a very bohemian very significant color, but works so well with almost all other colors. I have teamed it up with Earthly tones like RED METAL and MUD, and it suits them just fine." Marianne Brandi
"I still have a summer crush on color STATELY BLUE , and I think that the BLUE GREEN and PURPLE colors looked great along with it. This color palette is actually inspired by an antique Ottoman cushion that couldn't get out of my mind." Marianne Brandi
Coming up is fun news about an exciting book project & a book fairy :) Stay tuned!

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