I'm featured in today's Mid-day!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today is when I enjoy my 15 minutes of fame. Midday (one of the leading papers in the city) ran this really big (almost full page) article on my work (trays, boxes, wall art) and this blog. Thanks a million to Soma Das who wrote this and is part of "The Guide" team on Midday, she spoke to me at length & here is the online version of the article that appeared in print.

I'd really like to thank everyone who reads this blog & all of you who have chosen to click on the 'follow' button. And all of you who write in to just appreciate what I do. It makes my day to see your comments coming in as soon as I've made a post. Thats what makes every minute I spend blogging worthwhile. This is for each one of you. Thank you :)

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