Pardon My Hindi

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ok, This has never happened before. 3 posts in one single day. Maybe I'm going overboard, maybe I'm compensating for a month of ignoring my blog, either way, it only means means more design news :) For people in the know "Pardon my Hindi" have been around for ages, doing their cool desi gig, but for people who will see it here for the 1st time, feast your eyes guys. This is the original Desi Cool. Pardon my Hindi uses Indian graphics for a funky line of Tshirts for men & women and they even make sexy little buttons- now I'd do anything to lay my hands on those.

The well designed website is fun to navigate

The limited edition uber cool print- just grab it.
This Tshirt graphic is called 'Fast friends' :)


Chicklet :)
Mumbai Smoke
And these are the buttons I'm dying to lay my hands on.And last but not the least, I got a reminder on Pardon my Hindi cause I saw them featured on the new & cool Indian design blog called Indian by design. Just go check it out :)

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