Indian Street art

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Though this post is about Indian street art, it will feature pictures of only one very talented photographer/designer. Meena Kadri has to have the best photostream on Indian street art on flickr, so I didn't even bother to look elsewhere. This post should have come up yesterday, but I had to write to her asking permission to feature her work. Each frame is a piece of art. She has photographed art in her inimitable style, so its a double whammy. Art on art. Enjoy :)

Beautiful examples of graphic art on regular doors. The sensibility is completely local.

Indo- Parisian concepts of beauty :)
The lettering here means "One bitter Truth"Completely functional messages become interesting

A profusion of messages and bold colours- India style. We have much to say and be and not enough space :)
And here are examples of traditional grace and culture in local art

Our favourite blue god, Krishna :)
Down South very detailed portraits are the order of the day.
In Meena's words, "Part of a painted sign by Johnny-Painter of Mirzapur. I had half the people in the bazaar gathered round as I requested a chair to stand on while I shot this one!"

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