Dar Khalifa, A Caliph's house in Casablanca

Sunday, September 21, 2008

There is mystery and magic in the way what you want to comes to you. Or in the way you go to it. The internet works like that, this blog works like that. I wouldn't have seen known of this beautiful residence or the brilliant tale of its resurrection had not Saji, one of my readers mentioned it in the passing, to quote him "Did you come across photos of a house called "Dar Khalifa" in Casablanca ?", this intrigued me and I had not seen the pictures of any Caliphs home. I googled it to see this splendour.

Check the flooring out
And in the process happened to read about Dar Khalifa, and how Tahir Shah a travel writer (among other things) turned a dream into reality and turned the reality of a centuries old former estate on the border of a slum in Casablanca into his dream home. This journey turned out to be so interesting that it resulted in not just a home but also a book of the name "The Caliphs House: A year in Casablanca"

Arched and
Interesting doorways

show us
Beautiful perspectives
of a colourful mosaic of Moroccan culture
dining room
sitting room
master bedroom
guest room But what I loved the most is the childrens bedroom, this is the stuff of dreams...

This is Tahir in his library
And among the other gems I found today is Tahir Shahs blog. Highly recommended.

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