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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Its been this really huge while since I've posted, and I seem to be making a habit of dropping off this blog every now & then. But I'm here & here's a subjects thats fascinated me for the longest time. It is not fusion. It is infusing a home with a distinctly regional flavour while still keeping it in the contemporary space [And so you dont feel you've time travelled to a different era :)] It takes a great amount of talent and confidence to pull this off. We'll take a look at some such interiors where this is done with nothing less than love.

A distinctly Moroccan influence
Detailing that makes it possible
Ornate doorways and arches give this bathroom a traditional touch
Wall art and traditional fittings to go with the cleanlines of the beds.
Traditional art is a great way to get a blast from the past

Antique statues...
and antique furniture can also do the trickFurnishing and fabric...
and regional prints are another sure shot way to accent a modern space with the ethnic aesthetic.

Old world flooring brings much charm to this space

Tiles, rugs and fabrics are brilliant design elements to give that ethnic touch to your home.

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