Culture Curry

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

It takes courage to follow your heart. And this Dr. Suhas Awchat has in abundance or he would not have 'transformed from "Doctor to Waiter"' as his policeman father likes to put it. Dr.Awchat was abandoning a respectable profession midstream when he closed his practise and converted his clinic at Mahim into a speciality restaurant. Fortunately he had aptitude and a life partner who supported him whole heartedly. Dr Awchat's wife Deepa supervises the menu and enjoys cooking.

No, I'm not about to start reviewing the food, god knows i have no illutions to being a foodie or a cuisine connoisseur. This post will be my 1st in a series where i will try and showcase restaurants which capture and recreate a specific ambience with elan.

'Culture curry' serves up authentic South Indian food in a decidedly 'south' ambience complete withTamilNadu's 'Tanjore Paintings', Andhra's shadow puppetry 'Tholu Bommalata' and Kerala's plantains and coconuts as decor elements.

Love the tiled roof edged with wooden carvings & the identity created using primary colours which is typical of South India.

This made me smile. When you traverse Kerala by road what will instantly strike you is the detailed realistic illustrations on shop shutters. This kathakali head is a worthy tribute to that.

Ornate antique carved wooden doors take you into the restobar.

A beautiful detail from the pillar.

A Balaji in Tanjore style welcomes you.

A plantain replica stands next to a pillar with niches that hold pretty south indian lamps. I looked up to see a plantain leaf umbrella :)
...set against a beautiful wooden roof.

Coconuts strung on the pillar & the famous Andhra shadow puppet

More Andhra shadow puppetry. I thought I will leave you with this beautiful image of a dancing girl.

Culture curry has many things going for it, the decor, the food, the friendliest staff in town & a host who always stops by your table to see that you are having a good time.

Will shortly cover 2 other ventures by them- Goa Portuguesa & Diva Maharashtracha. Stay tuned :)

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