Bhagsu Valley Resort

Thursday, November 29, 2007

If I were to use a single word or theme for this trip to Himachal it must surely be ‘unexpected’. We knew where we were going to be on each day and that was about all that went according to plan, the rest of it was a series of major and minor, pleasant and unpleasant cases of ‘kahani mein twist’ (slang for ‘twist in the tale’)

This included :
1. My camera packing up on me.

2. Me dropping my cousin's camera which caused for it to die on us.

3. Experimental trekking (meaning trying new shortcuts down steep hills) that found us climbing down huge rocks thinking we will see the road in the next half an hour and being unsuccessful till sundown. Hearing night sounds when there is no sign of the road may make for ideal narration back home, but does little good for your stress levels in the middle of it.

4. Missing a train and meeting a rickshaw driver who acts like he is in a bond movie and then proceeds to break every traffic rule in the book to race us to the next station. We successfully board the train, only to find thug like pan-chewing drunk Marwadis squatting on our seats and telling us to ‘adjust’.

5. But most importantly- falling in love with the sun. Walking in and seeing the soft light of the morning strengthening through the day to the dramatic play of sparkling shine and sharp shadow towards evening, then fading and letting the cold and night take over.

I’m posting here pictures of a place we happened upon from where we trekked down to the river. It is the Bhagsu Valley Resort in McLeod Gunj.

The 1st view of the resort as we walked down to it.

Pretty cobbled pathways that lead you to the Resort

and take you to the...

... small cute cottages
The larger suites open out to the central gargen

This is where we sat and had our teas before and after the trek to the river

The adorable dining room

Coming up next is more about Himachal's Mcleod Gunj- the lovely little town that packs in many wonders.

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