Thota Vaikuntham

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thota Vaikuntham's work grabs your eyeballs, captures your imagination and stamps your memory. Maybe permanently. His colours are primary, forms bold and his style distinct. That said, the feeling his paintings convey is decidedly equanimous, even peaceful.

It is my privilege to share with you work that I'd die to have grace my walls. Amen.

"Vaikuntham is known for his dark and voluptuous Telangana women and priests that include an interesting mix of tradition and colors has developed a style, which is quite earthy and reverberates with the rhythm of his native surroundings. The impact of folk culture and exaggerated theatrical performances that he saw as a child, is evident in the work which stems from mythological tales and personalities as well as common people of the southern region of India that feature in his work. With his bold figuration and using vibrant colors he creates an atmosphere of richness that imparts a special quality to his paintings."
"Feminine beauty is a big inspiration for me. But what motivates me even more is the nature of the people of my land. They are not just rustic; they are simple, innocent and rooted to their traditions. At the same time, they are determined and resilient. This spirit of ordinary countryfolk makes them endearing and that is the reason why I always try to depict them in my paintings. " - Thota Vaikuntham

Thota Vaikuntam born 1942 in Boorugupally, Andhra Pradesh did his graduation in painting from the Hyderabad University starting his formal career as an artist late in life. Subsequently he went to study at the M.S. University in Baroda when he also trained under the well known artist K.G. Subramanyam, a learning experience that he values greatly. His earlier career included work on film-set designs and teaching art and craft to children.

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