Velha Goa

Sunday, September 23, 2007

There was an unexpected break in Designyatra that we made full use of- someone mentioned this lovely store where they were amazing tiles to be found- and that is the only encourangement we needed. Quickly details were found, auto (the delightlyful goan ones which have doors) hailed & we landed up. If Velha Goa's facade was anything to go by we wouldn't be disappointed.One finds the distinctively portugese influence in Goan art and architechture. This shop is a testimony to that and houses many other typically goan memorabilia.
These set of tiles above a door will make any entrance look enchanting.
This gorgeous frame uses the peacock feather motif to complement the vanity of mirror gazing :)

A similarly styled frame for simpler tastes.

Wall mountable tiles in all delightful shapes and sizes

A Mario Miranda inspired tile. Miranda is the states own famed artist/cartoonist with a style thats full of humour which epitomises the goan joie-de-vivre & is much sought after.

These are matt finished tiles featuring miniature goan windows that let you take a piece of the local architecture (I've posted about this here) back into your living room.

No ones makes windows with the love goans do. They have an amazing range of styles in the same genre.

These versatile ceramic bowls can be used to hold keys and other sundry items, as a fruit basket, a dramatic wall mount or simply to perk up a corner table.

The nice bit about Velha Goa was that it had something for everybody- from coasters & tablemats to huge wall mounts and intricate mirrors all unfailingly capturing the goan spirit

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