DesignYatra Goodies

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Here they are finally! :) Beautifully designed by Figtree ( sorry no links- was disappointed to see that their site was under construction) a designfirm in Mumbai, it had a lot of surprises for us. The day we landed we were given our Kyoorious DesignYatra passports, which were duly checked each time we entered the venue! On Day2 of the conference we came back to our rooms to discover this Kit waiting for us :)

The Kyoorius DesignYatra Kit.
Our DesignYatra passports came along with these darling CMYK felt covered pencils & a scribble pad.
Inside the passport - Our visas :)
The personalised stationery inside the kit. Our self love knows no bounds & gets cheap thrills out of seeing our names printed in various ways!
Sept- Dec 07 Little 'Things-to-do' books

This was the best part- neatly designed Kyoorius currency! with the speakers faces printed on it! There was a lot of cribbing about it being the same exchange rate as the rupee- therefore why have them- But I am delighted to use these as lovely keepsakes of a memorable event.

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