Goan Architecture

Thursday, September 13, 2007

There must be more to Goa than the Design Yatra. You bet :) and I'm coming to that. The state is visual delight for more reasons than natural. Yes, it is verdant, lush, with the sea lacing its edges & peeping in every now & then. What's unmissable though, are the colourful delightful Goan homes that dot the road. And their loyalty to a style of architecture which is quintessentially Goan. I won't presume to speak of about Goan Architecture (you can read about it here) but I did go clickety click & here's what i saw...

"The Goan house is a complex amalgam of design elements, adaptations and influences from all over the world. Portuguese rule allowed Goans to travel abroad over long sojourns. When these Goans returned they brought with them ideas and influences from the country of their expatriation." Heta Pandit.

The windows had a distinctly recognisable style

Yet each one was different

Coloured brightly

Some had seriously ornate work on it.

Taj Holiday Village, Goa has some pretty little cottages that pay homage to this style. I found them on Ashwin Hegde's flickr photostream which has lots more of beautiful Goa.

Coming up next is the stationery from DesignYatra I promised to share & this seriously sexy store that I checked out in Goa. Stay tuned :)

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