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Saturday, July 26, 2014

This last week and for a whole month while I was doing all the final legwork before I could announce to the world, I have been thinking of Artnlight, how it started as a blog, and then I started making products and now Artnlight is a brand that has its own online store!! What a journey it has been. And will continue to be.  In all of this I have felt overwhelmed, with gratitude, with just the sheer amount of love that has come my way. You buying and loving my products gives my dreams wings, it pays my bills and more than all of that, it fills me with so much gratitude and pride. I have never said this, but I want to say it, I am very proud of the people who buy artnlight. When I meet you, in exhibitions – (some of you travel distances to come and say hello), in the mails you write to me, in the articulate ways in which you express yourselves, in the lives you live, I inadvertently see people who love life, who are spirited, and all artnlighteans without an exception, CARE. And this matters. Because we live in a world where we can choose to be indifferent. And instead when we celebrate all that is good in our life, the goodness just multiplies. And so I absolutely want to celebrate each one of you, who have been on this journey with me, who have wished me well. I had written mails to a bunch of people  asking for pictures of their artnlight products, and what they feel about it. And what I got has stunned me and humbled me. You have no idea how rich you make my life. Thank you. 
I have started an album on the artnlight FB page that celebrates you. And please do treat this post as a personal invitation for all artnlight buyers and lovers to be a part of this. How?
All of you who know they belong here in this album, if you are so inclined, please do send in your picture of your product, a few lines about yourself and what you feel about artnlight. You will make my day :) And it will be a happy space for all of us to meet and greet each other. This is exciting me SO much :) 
Sharing a few pictures from the album here.
 This picture captures what this album is about, it is symbolic of the essence of what I do. Everything about it, the beauty, the simplicity is what I aspire to. I began blogging a little before I saw Dithi Mukherjee's art for the 1st time. And our journeys have been parallel and I cannot tell you how much seeing Dithi's art inspires me.This is her blog, Her art, and this is her Etsy page.
 For my "Love" to be a part of Dithi's Studio and this table is a privilege I do not take lightly. This is Dithi Mukherjee's self portrait. I don't need to say any more

 Evi and I go back a long way, from working in the same office to being in touch all these years through artnlight.
 Suhael's beautiful home is something that HAD to be shared.

It was an amazing privilege to be part of Madder Moon's show in Singapore and imagine my surprise when I saw this - They had put up the trays on the wall! What a compliment. 
These pictures are just a curtain raiser on the album, there are many more stories and pictures that wil be up soon and the album is waiting for your story too, so do write in to with your artnlight picture and experience.

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