Monday, July 14, 2014

So here is the BIG news people :) Artnlight is now a brand that has its own online store and website. Ye!!! And it becomes so easy for you to buy artnlight products. For 4 years now - ever since I started making my products, if anyone wanted to buy them, they had to write to me, it was a to and fro - what do you want v/s what I have in stock. Making the Artnlight catalog was the 1st milestone - I felt that simplified my life a lot. Creating an online shop has always been on my agenda, but the past few years have been so hectic with my travels, exhibitions,projects and fulfilling the orders that I got that I just did not find the time or the bandwidth to peacefully sit down and do what needed to be done when making an online shop. It was a typical case of urgent v/s important and the important task of creating my own online store stayed on the back burner.
Till a blessing arrived, in the shape of a health hazard, my doctor and my body told me, in no unclear terms, I had to rest, go slow and take care of my body. After the initial round of feeling bad, shocked at my own negligence, I settled. And rested. And took stock of what was possible.
Now was the time, to do things that needed to be done, for myself, for my work, in a peaceful, balanced and in an unhurried way. I started the process of putting my website together.
And what a learning experience it has been. I learnt and unlearnt so many things. But most importantly I learnt how much work really goes into putting a website together. And since I had not outsourced any resource, like photography, writing, content strategy - it was just me plugging away steadily till it was ready to be shared with the world. And it took time. Its own sweet time. But here it is. Ready to be shared with all of you.
Welcome to Artnlight's website and online shop,7 years since I started writing this blog. Its been a journey and a half. And you guys have been with me. All along. I'm especially thinking of all of you who have seen this blog start and grow and change along with me. This is dedicated to all of you. You know who you are.

You can check out the Queen Series here

You can see the entire Jaali Collection here
The website and store is hosted by Zepo, and here I HAVE to give them credit for meeting me at an exhibition 3 years back and steadily following up with me since then. The zepo guys have been super co-operative and what you see is their format, And all i did was upload pictures, descriptions, details. The payment gateway tie up, the logistics support, they have it all as part of the deal. And it makes your life pretty simple.
I'm really looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the website, how does it look, feel? What do you think? I really want to know. And I'm counting on you guys to tell me.

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