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Friday, May 23, 2014

I have been putting together something. Its still going on and fingers crossed and if all goes according to plan, I should have some really exciting news to share with all of you soooon! Meantime I have been shooting my products, The Queen series of trays which are so popular now have boxes in the same designs. These past few months while I was quickly making these boxes and sending them for the Jaypore Event and then selling on, I did not have the time or the bandwidth to shoot them. But here they are finally. A few shots of a few boxes, The hand painted gold details on the boxes is what makes these boxes extra special. It takes time, neatness and a lot of patience and love. I was really keen that the photographs show up the gold work - so in some pictures I had to take the pictures at un-natural angles and really pushing the products to catch the sun. So the painstakingly hand done gold work may be seen.
 This is the Rectangular Knick Knack box and measures at 11x7x4 inches and is great to hold all manner of things.
 This is what I meant when I said I had to shoot them in strange angles to catch the light.

 This Square box has a lift-off knob lid and measures 7x7x3 inches and can be a great jewellery box/
 This 8x8x3 Square Hinge Box has a hinged lid and can work  very well as a Jewellery or a tissue box.

There is a lot more coming up. Many new products and many product extentions you asked for. So do stay tuned. Hopefully I can make the happy announcement sooner than later :)

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