Avni Varma's Home, my decor assignment - I

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Last year after quitting my advertising career, I did many things for the 1st time. And interior decor consultancy was one of them. 7 years back, when I did up my home, I had wished fervently that I could do this for a living. And as soon as I quit, I was amazed and grateful when friends and perfect strangers contacted me to decorate their homes. Through the year I worked on multiple projects, some are complete and some not. This is one of the 1st assignments that got complete, atleast the 1st phase. We are working on the rest and I will share it as and when its ready. Working with Avni Varma was interesting because I didn't know her, where she came from aesthetically or personally. It was an interesting and fulfilling journey of experiment, co-operation, the joy of seeing something beautiful coming together and finally a journey of trust.
Avni and her husband Vicky were clear that they wanted a luxe feel, she wanted it to be a place that would be a relaxing place for her friends to hang out in.
I suggested a mirror to reflect the Buddha painting she had already commissioned Kunal Naik to do. We went saw the painting in progress & in a way we worked the design to set off the painting.
She told me she would love a spa feel with the use of sleeper wood & metal. I immediately knew Rare Thought were the people to contact. I had been seeing their work at many exhibitions across the city. And sure enough they made the perfect mirror for Avni. Reflected in the mirror is the stunning Buddha painting by Kunal Naik.
The wall holding the large painting is painted in Metallic gold which shimmers subtly
The buddha heads are painted into 'Kadai's' and there is a candle holder in the centre in the middle of the mantra 'Om Mane Padme Hum' written in Tibetan.
The door handle is in decorative brass to go with the mirror and the rest of the furniture in the room.
Avni wanted a mini Dining set that could be easily moved about in the room as is required.
Rare Thought incorporated the metal & wood feel to it to continue the theme.
The gold and the painting reflect in the mirror and form a great backdrop to the Buddha statue.
The Varma's love entertaining in this room & its been a great experience for me to step back and give them something that really reflects their style, so that the home is a true reflection of the owners tastes. It helped largely that Avni was very clear about what she wanted and had a strong aesthetic sense herself.
There is one more home that is waiting for the right wall pieces before I can photograph it . Coming soon, stay tuned, and do let me know what you think of this space.

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