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Friday, August 05, 2011

Ragini Singh, Creative Director of Better Homes and Gardens had contacted me in December last year for a feature & I had forgotten all about it. Then I was contacted for a shoot last month- I was a little apprehensive as my office is not exactly a swanky place and I was in the middle of preparing for Art Bazaar, so it was all really cramped up with all kinds of products coming out of everywhere.

But in came Ashima Mehra, armed with her lights, camera, cheerful smile & in half an hour we moved tables, decided what to keep where, and we were rolling. We were laughing so much and it helped that I could see Ashima really liked the products, we decided to hang the unpainted 'Rockstar' mirror, we shut the connecting door, hung my triangular mirrors in front of it. Arranged the Bombay series in a stack on the table, brought out the alphabets 'FUN' and 'HA' and things began to look promising. But I was still standing awkwardly in the midst of it all.
Suddenly it struck me to hold my favourite 'DO' in my hands and I didn't feel like an aimless blob in the middle of my products. Ashima knew she had her shot. And this is about how long I can go on an on about an hour's activity :) And Thank you Kriti Malhotra for following up on this write up & putting it together just right.

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