Interviewed by Christine Mason Miller in the Somerset Studio

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Its amazing to see how eye for detail, generosity and your artistic approach can grace everything you do. For me there is no bigger example of this than Christine Mason Miller.

I want to thank Christine for doing an interview of me called Rajasthan Dreams" in - hold your breath- Somerset Studio, an art & mix-media magazine in the USA I have the deepest respect for. I got to know in the thick of my work a month back that the interview was published when my reader Charmi Shah wrote to me about it and I wondered how I will get a copy. Charmi also sent me pics of the magazine sweetly. So imagine my happy surprise when I get a parcel & I open to see the magazine & the goodies which Christine 'just' graciously sent along.
Love the scripty wrapping paper

I am very inspired by how Christine makes sending a parcel a labour of love. She needn't have added the wall art or the bookmark or the handwritten card & yet she did it.

To hold my own copy in my hands & see myself featured alongside artists like Connie Freedman was an inimitable feeling. The magazine is packed with inspiration which I'd love to share with you in the days to come. More soon!

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