Parinda & Vijay Singh's home - My decor project

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Parinda is the 1st person to trust me and give me decor assignments, 1st with her husband's office decor and then when they bought a home. We were 1st colleagues and discussing our individual passions & how we plan to live it, is what really brought us close. Our equation was in place & the best bit about doing Parinda's home was I knew I wouldn't have to hold myself back when it comes to colour and experiment. Parinda along with working with the television industry is co-founder of Tribe of Taal, a contemporary dance institute and her husband Vijay Singh, is dealer in super high end audio equipment.
The room that I want to share with you is not complete. The wall decor still remains. But I was excited by what is done & here it is.
We were discussing adding wooden carved blocks onto the headboard of the sofa & we got all excited & suddenly it struck us - why not use cutwork panels instead? So I googled the pattern made a drawing and got it cutout, and Rambhai Pari's able carpenter put it together.

Parinda had these wooden Step drawers & we got it painted the same colour as her sofa upholstery. Both of us were clear it had to be rani pink, but convincing Vijay it would look good was the task, but here are the results and all concerned are happy.

What remains is the wall decor. We are planning to stencil floral patterns & I just did a bit of photoshop experimenting to see how frames will look.
Will cover the bedroom & the rest of the home when it is done.

Meanwhile there is a lot of exciting news and developments that I plan to share with you'll soooon. So stay tuned :)

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