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Saturday, February 07, 2009

I had never ever tried stuff like this. Earlier (for me) it was all about 2d art & about making a design look 'just so' on the computer. I've always been a texture junkie. You can see that here. But I've been seeing so much of scrap booking & journalling that suddenly I wanted to touch, feel, stick & put things together to make art. I was talking about this constantly till my friend got fed up & said, why don't you just try it. And this is what I did.
My friend is a bit of a coffee addict & I had picked up these coasters for her. I decided to create my design around it. So I added the coffee beans. Couldn't use real coffee beans cause they might corrode or catch fungus. So I got acrylic coffee beans made.
I wanted to use wood & metal alphabets. The words 'caffeine Molecule' and 'geek chic' kind of captured who she was & suddenly it strick me to use metal nuts & the artwork fell in place in my head. I made a computer illustration to get my measurements right, now the task was to get someone who would make these alphabets for me.
After knocking at a couple of wrong doors, i got my man & all that needed to be done was to stick it all together. I ran slightly short of the coffee beans and a fresh batch had to be ordered for. But I was in business! :)

I felt happy for days on end after this came together :)

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