Decorating a Bombay Box

Saturday, February 07, 2009

I’ve been sitting on this post for soooo long it’s not even funny. And I’m not talking about being super busy at work, which I’ve been these past couple of weeks. This has something to do with deep rooted procrastination, not doing things which you know is good to do. For what reason? There are countless reasons, but really, there are none.
So here goes. This is a very close friend’s home & she & I have put together everything that you see here. From the wall colour to all of the art/frames on the wall. We never set about ‘designing’ the place. It’s quite basic, I picked up things during my travels & she brought her granny’s antique cupboard & her very definite sense of what is comfortable & what is not & this is how it looks. The house is really small, only 550 sq ft, but we had some fun with colour.
The mirror is from Chor bazaar, the frames hold my photographs. And that black sofa is not my idea :) But what does one say to someone who sat on atleast 50 sofa sets & screwed her face before she decided on this. To her credit this black monster is a bit like quicksand, you sit & never ever want to get up.
The room looks beautiful in the evening...
with the light filtering in through the chiks
And the curtains reflected in the mirror
I have forced my pictures on her as 'gifts'. She had no option but to put them up ;)
The tiles on the wall are from Goa. And the cat is part of a trio picked up from the KalaGhoda exhibition.
A red wall in the living room holds a clock & an antique spoon holder from Kerala. The brackets are from Fab India & the cows from Ahmedabad.
The bird is an addition from Rajasthan.
Painting 2 sections of her bookshelf was entirely her idea.
And here hangs the 1st piece of commissioned personalised art I've ever done. I'm keepng my fingers crossed there will be more.
I will post next about how I put this together :)

The bedroom holds a beautiful antique cupboard from her grandmother.
The kitchen has limey green, white & steel shelves
The countertop bin & steel crockery reflect the green from the oppostie wall.
This is the laundry basket, sitting next to a printed 'bharni' from 'loose ends'. The little souvenir is a tiny ceramic plate from London.

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