Fever 104- Calender 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I couldn't see this & not show it :) It is the Radio Music Channel Fever 104's 2009 "What's your Ear type?" calender. Caution, the humour is severely local. Enjoy! :)

"Ears the Reason"
The "Long lost Ear":
"It yearns and it pines, for the long forgotten songs of yore.
And requests from Jhumri Talaiyaa
"Pinky, Bablu, Munnu, Rani, Chintu et al ki pasand"
Disgusted at the thought of 'Remix'
Binaca Geet Mala is somethng it will always dig."
The 'Romeo-Laila Ear":
In ancient times, it was called the Romeo-Juliet ear,
It answers to a variety of names
in different parts of the world.
Some call it the 'Heer-Ranjha' ear,
others call it the 'Bill-Monica' ear.
The broad-minded may even call it the 'Dostana' ear.
'Do dil.... mil rahein hain'
and this ear starts beating.
"The Dingchak Ear:
It is seen in flashy cars but heard much before it is seen.
It believes that music should thump
from your head right down to your toes.
Aunty-Uncle may call it a nuisance.
But its just trying to spread the message 'Music is for everyone"
The 'Yo Ear":
It wants the world to know- YO
That music is in his blood- YO
might not get a word- YO
still pretends to be YO-YO
Juggy D, JayZ, Snooo Dogg- YO
Will the real Slim Shady stand up -YO

The "Repeat Ear":
It listens to 200 songs a day. The same song,
Played over & over again.
It listens to 200 songs a day. The same song,
Played over & over again.
It listens to 200 songs a day. The same song,
Played over & over again.
It listens to 200 songs a day. The same song,
Played over & over again.
The Bappi Da Ear:
'Aya ma disco dancer'
it sizzles at the sound of night -laabhers'
Completely disco, completely Da,
so what if the 'gaan' is fully copied,
It doesn't like 'rona', only fond of black and 'sona'
Loves to hear someone say,
'Pyar beena chain kahan re'

The 'Rock-around- the clock' Ear:
It can never have enough,Its plugged in 24x7. In the metro,
in the elevator, during a coffee break, it grooves all the time.
Even when nature calls & its time to pee. It was born with the earphones on.
"Hello! Hello!Hello is undoubtledly its fav song.

You have a Bewda Ear if,
a) you enjoy songs only with chicken legs and patiala pegs, b) someone asks you how your love life is going & you say :like a tequila shot" c) on the dance floor, you put the glass on your head & sway and everyone gives you wide berth d) your caller tune is "main nashe mein hoon, na jagao yaaron"
You have a 'Saloon Ear' if,
a) you own Altaf raja videos
b) you love Himesh, with or without the cap
c) your barber is secretly your best friend
d) you enjoy your 'champi with 'akhiyon se goli maare' playing in the background
e) you think you look hot in your polyester yellow shirt

You are a 'Dard-e-Ear' if
a) there's a picture of Meena Kumari in your closet
b) you start your day with a break up song
c) you end your day with a break-up song
d) If Melodrama were a country, you'd be the queen
e) comedies hurt your sensitive ear-drum
Shayondeep Pal, Harpal Singh, Anil Kumar N, Shoneeka Ghai, Souvik Datta and Abhishek Misra are the guys who created this. Take a bow people!

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