Wednesday, January 21, 2009

There is this cat and mouse game that Time and I like to play. Today I've won & therefore get to post. Bonus :) My friend Gunjan Pai sent this link to me & just check it out! Its got all manner of design craziness. I haven't even explored all of it. It goes by the name of Designboom & just see what I found here. Wall paper world. Fun & super interesting. This is what Designboom says about the coming pictures. " while most wall coverings still come in the traditional long sheet form, there are many examples that are unlike anything you have seen before. From walls covered in post-it notes or plants to interactive walls and glow in the dark designs, wallpaper has transformed into something completely different. This article will look at some of the most creative and unusual wall coverings and wallpaper designs."

in the mind of children, walls look like giant blank canvases just waiting for their crayons. parents tired of fighting this fact will no doubt want to try the ‘tick-tock’ wallpaper pattern by mini moderns. the clock themed wallpaper pattern is very spare in white with black outlines but adding colour is as simple as staying in the lines.

most wallpaper designs disregard the particular architectural features of the room. surrealien does the exact opposite by customizing wallpaper patterns to a room. they do this by warping the pattern around light switches, doors and windows, or anything else on the wall. the effect is put together with made to measure wallpaper that gives a room a surreal appearance.

while this wallpaper appears to be something found in your aunt’s house, upon closer inspection you will find a different type of ant. looking closely at the wallpaper’s pattern you will see hundreds of tiny ants crawling on the wall. the wallpaper is created by designers stine gam and enrico fratesi.
while this isn’t technically a wallpaper, it is an interesting way to decorate walls with just a few markers. charlie kratzer wanted to decorate his blank white walls but wanted something more creative than simple paint or traditional wallpaper. using black markers, kratzer drew architectural features, books, pictures and a small cast of characters on the walls.

this wallpaper design by duncan wilson and sirkka hammer uses tiny post-its to cover the wall. each post-it has four layers to it, each one gets successively darker in colour to create a pixelated pattern as the notes are used. using this wallpaper is ideal for an office setting and is a visual representation of the pattern of use.

5.5 designers aimed to create a line of wallpaper ‘without confronting a decorative vision’. their solution was a series of simple designs which used games to create a pattern. a labyrinth puzzle, word search and tic-tac-toe serve as a background, being filled in or used to customize the wallpaper. they turn the walls into a place for playing, for one person or many. the wallpaper design will change over time, making no two installations the same.

I loved this last one. Such a happy making time-waster it would be. One must put in places where people are forced to wait against their will. It will save people from getting murdered or at the least it will avoid the generation of all kinds of negative vibes. Be productive. Play a game.

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