Art&Light at Serendipity, Delhi, 2015

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Serendipity 2014 was a beautiful experience for me which is why I decided I will definitely be a part of their "Colour Me Autumn" Festival. And what a good decision it turned out to be. Not just because it makes good business sense to exhibit and sell at Serendipity, not just because I really like Kuldeep Kaur and her gorgeous one of a kind haveli turned concept store, but also because of the people who showed with me and the quality and the variety of the work and the entrepreneurs I got to meet and spend time with. Dithi Mukherjee was showing her art for the 1st time in Delhi and so was Aarti Karwayun Chawda. Both close to me and whose work I respect immensely. Just to see these artists with their work was very inspiring for me, and if that was not enough I saw that Kuldeep Kaur of Serendipity and Shallay Bartholomew of Ispirato had brought together an extremely talented line-up of entrepreneurs of irrefutable calibre, most of whose work I had heard of and seen and admired online. 
From the left, moi, Aarti Karwayun Chawda, Dithi Mukherjee, Manju Tomar, Manju's friend, Shallay Bartholomew of  Ispirato, Vinati Bhatt, Harshita of Nomad, Meha Gupta of Baby Baniya

Exhibitions are a great time to hang out with, get to know and interact with fellow entrepreneurs who are mostly in other cities, honing their work, shaping it to be be what it is. You see the work, you see it change and grow. And it is nothing short of a privilege to get to meet the real flesh and blood person behind the 'brand'. So this is the person who is most likely designing the product, making sure that the suppliers and the vendors make it the way they saw it in their head, checking for quality control, styling the products, modelling in them, shooting it, writing the invoices, taking care of the inventory, packaging. And you will feel this is a fancy job where they get to follow their passion and work out of their homes/their own offices at their convenience and they call all the shots. And the reality is that both these statements are true. These are all creative people who need the time and space to re-invent their work year after year, keep it fresh and interesting atleast to themselves if not anyone else. And the fact that their business is afloat is testimony to the fact that they are doing a halfway decent job on all these fronts. Over the years I have come to not take lightly the opportunity I get to meet this breed of people.

The moment :)

 Serendipity 2015 was very very special for me because here is where Ritika, Dithi & me met together for the very 1st time. The 3 of us are incredibly close to each other. But we - all 3 of us have never spent time or even met together - same space, same time. It took serendipity to bring us together I guess :)
 Just to spend time with these 2 is good for me & my soul
 It was just amazing to see Aarti Karwayun Chawda stand in front of her gorgeous colourful work.

 Dithi with her art prints, her bauls, her kaalis and her laal jobas.
Click here to buy her work.
Pic credit: Serendipity & Shrikant Narayan Arora
Pic credit: Serendipity & Shrikant Narayan Arora

And then there is Kuldeep, the genial and generous owner and host of Serendipity and this year I got to meet Shallay Bartholomew, the very genuine and talented brain behind Ispirato a brand that houses fashion, textiles, jewellery and decor under its umbrella. Together Kuldeep & Shallay made sure that all of us showing at Serendipity not only had a good show, but were well fed, looked after and had a great time.

Coming up next more pictures from the exhibition & glimpses of the gorgeous art and design pieces at The Colour Me Autumn Festival.

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