Art&Light at Serendipity 2015 - Part 2

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sharing a few vignettes of the exhibition. Like I've figured, it is better to not have the time to click pictures at your own exhibition than the other way around. So here are a few quick pictures clicked early before the day began, of my products and fellow exhibitors. I have still not managed to click any pictures of some exhibitors whose work I really really liked - for instance Nikita Bose's Flying Fish Jewellery, Indigene Craft or Banwarey - all of who had jewellery and clothes I fell in love with.

 And may I have the privilege of sharing Manju Tomar's gorgeous ceramic artistry.

 Now this piece is such a masterpiece. And is the recipient of a few national level awards. 
 A closer look. Had to post this. so one can see better the embossed pillow, the water blue bowl and the curious congregation of the birdies.

 The very gorgeous Swathy was there with her splash of irresistible Bhang (sarees)
 My favourites Sumiran Kabir Sharma of Anaam & Jayeta Rohilla of Mae were there as well. We became friends during last Serendipity & stayed in touch. 
 Dithi  in front of her powerful Baul Kali print

Harshita of Nomad (Pic courtesy: Serendipity & Shrikant Narayan Arora)

And one of my absolute favourites from this times Serendipity Colour me Autumn. 
Baby Baniya's eclectic jewellery is right after my own heart. I haven't seen anyone having so much fun with jewellery and yet it is SO wearable. Fantastic balance. Fantastic aesthetic. 
I wish I had more pictures of so many other fabulous brands that had really good work there, and I just might update this post if I manage to get more pictures.
At Serendipity, it is never about just selling, it is truly a celebration of the arts and what celebration is complete without music. The Roohani Sisters and Raagleela infused the evening air with the evocative magic of their voices.
So that was the gorgeous Serendipity, Colour me Autumn. What a fulfilling happy time an experience. That we got to spend quality time with Dithi and Arnab, and  Aarti and Rahul just made the show feel more like home. Thank you Kuldeep & Shallay :) for putting together such a cool bunch of people, for making it so easy for us, for taking care of everything, For giving us SUCH a good time. It takes a LOT to organise and market and put up an event. To share your space unstintingly, to give of your spirit and your love. We hardly saw Kuldeep or Shallay sit - which is why it was so tough to get a single picture of either of them. 

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