The Cool Hunting Show with the Fuschia Tree @ the Anemos Store

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The best part about being part of an exhibition is to meet fellow entrepreneurs. It is to see there are others like you, equally hard working. It is to be inspired by their enterprise, their spunk, their spirit. And when the show is at an antique store which has an ambience that that can only come from housing a treasure trove, and hosted by the very dynamic Chanda Choudhary of Fuschia Tree it is an unrivalled experience. Not all exhibitions are equally successful from a purely commercial point of view but over time the learnings and the people you meet makes you all the richer for the experience. This is how parts of The Cool Hunting Show looked like.

Check out the Princesse K here
 My favourite girl Kanika Bahl's Anek Designs. I completely loved her New jute pilllows with Hindi Embroidery. Zara Hatke is beautiful & I'm biased because it is about Bombay. Psst - she also sells on Etsy (ye!!)
 This has to be my most favourite discovery at the Cool Hunting Show. I was just so stunned to see his work, if I had his kind of talent, I would be doing what he is doing. Please meet Abhishek Basak of Absynthe Design, maker of jewels from delicate watch parts. You can buy his work here.
 Abhishek and me got chatting and he showed me with great enthusiasm - how no single design of his was repeated - either on his product or on his label. Every unique product of his came with its own unique label, such is his labour of love. This is merely a curtain raiser, you will see a full post on Absynthe design very soon on this blog.

 I have been seeing Elan's work - its metal delicacies for so long now. I completely love this brand. Be it their metal cutout platters or trays or cake stands or its embossed vases. Everything brightly and happily painted. Whats not to love. Had the pleasure of  meeting Vidushi Gupta, whose brainchild Elan is.

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