The Valentine SJC Necklace winner!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

 Hello, Hello!!! I'm back finally and here is announcing the SJC gorgeous Valentine give-away winner. And KOMAL KOHOK it is.
Congratulations Komal! and Shweta has made a request. It would be great if you could send us a picture of you wearing your necklace once you get it. So do send us your address, so Shweta can ship your beautiful necklace to you :)
I've been on a crazy schedule. Back from the MahaKumbh straight into the "A Not So Causal Kitchen" Exhibition. (You can see some pictures on my FB album) Today is the last day and I will FINALLY be able to go through my MahaKumbh pictures, shortlist them and make my post on it. In retrospect, I feel its just better that I got this time between the actual experience and writing about it. Because it was very powerful to be there and these days are giving me a perspective about it. So soon, soon The MahaKumbh post is coming up, stay tuned people.

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