Behind the scenes - wall project

Thursday, February 07, 2013

I had to share these pictures with you because this is what happens before the order sets in. The storm before the calm. Bubble wrap sea. Wires, plastic sheets. Random piles. Madness. And a sinking feeling that it will never get complete and 'right'. And yet somehow I love the look of this. The dilema ofcourse is whether to post the results 1st or the madness 1st. I then succumbed to my 'safe voice' which said - results 1st. But there was no way I wasn't sharing this.
 And I wish for myself to remember this. That whenever things are too chaotic and when one is completely is at sea whether this will work out or no, hang on to the 'result' picture in your head. Things have to work out. There has to be pattern and beauty to this life, and a purpose and reason that you were given all those crazy beautiful dreams.

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