Give-away winners :) Please note.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I want to make a quick announcement of 2 giveaways. 
1st is the Coppre Christmas giveaway. The winner is Miss Frangipani, author of Frangipani Decor & of many other blogs :) Congratulations!! And do contact us with you mailing address, so the Coppre team knows where to ship the lovely sunflower lamps to.
The 2nd is the Mora Stole Diwali give-away. Yes I know we already announced a winner, Lotus Gal & after waiting to hear from her this entire month, and after discussions, Ritika Mittal and me decided that the stole should go to the person who was tied with Lotus Gal for the win & that is none other than Chandan Dubey, photographer and writer from girlabouthome.
Chandan congratulations!! Do mail me your address so I can courier the gorgeous MORA stole to you.

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