The Trunk Show at Coomaraswamy hall, Prince of Wales Museum

Monday, December 17, 2012

One of the best things about exhibitions for me have always been to meet fellow entrepreneurs. Its a great opportunity to meet people who like you pack in their work into cartons, set up shop for those 2 days and put their best foot forward and prepare to meet the people who will see, like and buy their work. Sometimes you've seen their work online and have heard a lot about them and a lot of times you get to see and meet new people and the very interesting work they do for the very 1st time. And if you are at a well put together exhibition both these things happen and its a win-win situation.
1st up is LOOSE ENDS with whom I shared a stall - the organisers really gave both of us a lot of room & it really didn't feel like we were 'sharing' space. Thank you Praneeta Bedi for that and for a brilliantly put together set of brands and designers.

I've known Madhu(mita Goswami) ever since I quit to start my business. And over the years we have become friends and it was she who told me that it will be a great idea to be part of the Trunk Show.

 I was delighted to meet Padmaja of Transit design. I have been very interested in her work ever since I interviewed her on artnlight here. Loved her latest collection sin.u.ous.
Padmaja working on her laptop. I like this picture because it captures her sharp features and her subtely (i hope) We hit it off beautifully and I hope we will bump into each other more often.
I was intrigued to see this graceful woman who looked SO comfortable in her gorgeous and deceptively simple saree. I was told she is ANAVILA of the saree brand of the same name.
When I came back home and googled her, I came to know that apart from the beautiful linen sarees, she also makes these precious nature inspired and fabric created wall art from Studio Mora. And the curious will be rewarded as I was by the gorgeous glimpses of her home here on Bhavna Bhatnagar's inimitable design blog anindiansummer.
Kishmish was the stall right in front of mine & I noted the beautiful fall of fabric and the simple but well cut kurtas had more than its share of takers. People just queued up, tried the kurtas and bought it, through the 2 days with great regularity. They retail with Ensemble in Delhi & Mumbai and with Cinnamon in Bangalore and this here is the KishMish FB page where you will get a better look at their work.
The charming and warm Neha Mahidhar of Bodhi Tree. She had a line of really unusually cut jackets in an eclectic range of colours.
SAPAN MORE had me with her exquisite collection of Tibetan antiques, jewellery and huge Tangkha Paintings. Her clothes were an ode to Tibet with its red black and geometric patterns.
I had the absolute pleasure of meeting HIMANSHU VERMA of Red Earth from Delhi at this Trunk Show. Infact Red Earth is having its DESIGN MELA right now at the same place at Prince of Wales Museum. Do go check it out if you are in the South of Bombay.
All of us were just having some fun and laughs on day 2 and we decided we must have our pictures together :) One mostly forgets to take pictures when you are having a busy and a good time.
This is how the Artnlight work looked at the Trunk Show. It was a brilliant feeling to have people come back for my products, its was great seeing people who were pleasantly surprised to see me here, recognise the products and buy it. And even better to see new people discovering and reacting to the products. It was a great 2 days when a lot of friends and ex-colleagues dropped by just to encourage me.
All in all a great show where I met some truly interesting people, saw some great work, and sold really well. What more can one ask for.
Stay tuned for more posts, suddenly this blog will be super active :)

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