Skylines of San Francisco

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I am not doing this in any order, I have jumped straight to San Francisco when I still have a lot of things to share from L.A. But as always, I just do what I am most excited to do. It is a bright new year and what better way to kickstart 2012 than to share with you my favouritest part of my U.S. trip. That each day was a gift when I was in the U.S. is something I must acknowledge, as I must acknowledge the people- new, family & long loved friends who really spent the most expensive thing in the world with me & for me, their time and their precious self. They saw and shared the childlike wonder I felt & suffered the incessant clicking in the face of each amazing new sight that they made possible for me. It is so impossible to capture and grab all that you feel in a rectangular frame, in a single visual. And yet that is what I try. To bring back the moment, the crazy light, the beautiful strong shadows, which support and show up the sparkling bits that squint at the sun.
I saw San Francisco with my very close school friend Anu and we caught up on each others lives, loves and families as we drove into SanFrancisco.
As the sun was settling only the taller buildings managed to grab the light, as the streets were cast in cool shadow.
We stayed at the strategically placed Park 55 Wyndham, bang in the middle of Union Square which is at the heart of SanFrancisco, a great choice if you want to walk around and feel the pulse of this exciting city.

We had a room with magnificient views of the Sanfrancisco skyline.

All ready to step out & into Union Square in SanFrancisco :) Coming up next.

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