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Monday, January 09, 2012

I went to the Sublime Chaos of Cities - a photographic exhibition, by Smita Barooah Sanyal, Mala Mukerjee & Chandan Dubey. I went primarily to see Chandan's work and what well invested time it proved to be. I am no critic, but it is not often that you go to an exhibition where the work truly excites you because you have seen something you cant quite figure out, and yet it bewitches and intrigues you. Each frame engaged you, either with form and colour & more often than not with its story. To see Chandan's photographic body of work is to be met with an artist of formidable calibre. It is education and it is inspiration. The photographs of her work in this post are not a patch on the real thing. To stand in front of each frame is to have it speak to you & draw you into the world it comes from.

Clicked by my friend Deeptha Umapathy whose photography I really love.

The series below (of 5 pictures)- which my photo has quite ruined, has to be seen to be believed. We spent the maximum time in front of this, captivated by the story and intrigued by the way it had been captured. This for me had so much power. Chandan Dubey, respect.

Below is a group of some more of my favourites from her work.
Artists whose work you will see at the Sublime Chaos of Cities Exhibition:
"Mala Mukerjee’s works have appeared in many publications in India, UK, Australia and Germany, and on the cover pages of several books published in India and abroad.

Smita Barooah Sanyal is a fine arts photographer and writer. Her works have been exhibited at some of Asia’s most prestigious galleries including Sunjin Galleries (Singapore), Art Mosaic at the Ministry of Culture (MICA, Singapore), The Fringe Club Fotogallerie (Hongkong), Tullika Arts (Mumbai), the Birla Academy (Kolkata), and The Experimental Arts Gallery (IHC, Delhi).

Chandan Dubey is an art curator, writer, and self–taught photographer who has been clicking people, places, and objects for over 15 years. Dubey’s works have been exhibited in galleries in Hong Kong and India, and also appeared in India Today, The Economic Times and Mid–Day, Art Asia Pacific, The South China Morning Post and Time Out Hong Kong." Quoted from here.

All photography and art aficionados, do head to NCPA to catch Chandan's work at the Sublime Chaos of Cities exhibition. Its on till 15th January 2011.

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