Monday, April 12, 2010

I don't even remember how I stumbled upon this website, but seeing these images clean wiped out what was happening before that in my head. I mean look at these pieces. So clean, lean and versatile. And thanx to yahoo!Babelfish this is what I can tell you the French website says: "Quad is a system of flexible and decorative arrangement. It evolves/moves with your needs and changes form according to your desires, it combines a very precise minimal design with smoothness and elegance." I agree.
"The basic module of Quad is a perfect cube of 350 mm. Manufactured out of steel 100% which can be recycled, Quad measures only 2 mm d' thickness. Quad is cut out with the laser without waste in a steel sheet (which can be recycled at 100%) folded with precision and enamelled with the furnace with respectful paintings of the environment. Quad is conceived to be durable and multifunction in the respect and the nature conservation and natural resources." No this isn't my English, its a verbatim translation copy pasted from Babelfish. This means not only does it look sexy & precise it is also environment friendly.
Stack it up soultions

What a statement this Cross would make in a minimal living room.

And just when you are thinking this is too industrial, how effectively the greens soften it.
You can also take a peek at the very cool looking designer here :)
All images from quad35.com

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