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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Went to Kerala for a quick trip. By train after a long time. For me the metallic smell of the trains always mix with the carefree memories of childhood and vacations.
I have a thing for trains & the geometry in stations. It would be great if one of my journeys is only about photographing railways stations across the country.

We thought we were going for an inauguration, but as fate would have it, there was a death in the family. Its always so debilitating to see a close one suffer a loss. All you can do is just stand by.... Came back to Bombay & left my camera in a rickshaw. And got it back after a day's heartburn and running to the auto stand and leaving my contact information there. And this is why I will always remain a die-hard believer in miracles and in the goodness of this city.
Kuldeep the guy on the right was the driver on that fateful night I left my camera & Manick on the left was the person I gave the no to at the rickshaw stand in Bandra. They co-ordinated between them & came together to return my camera. I was so touched.
It does. And life goes on. Only I feel so much more grateful for the things I take for granted.

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