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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I'm so excited to share with you'll the wall art I created. Some of this work I've wanted to do for a while and some of it I'm surprised I even thought of doing it.

I got the alphabets cut out of metal
It just looks so much better when you see it up close
and personal :)
These pieces were the surprise on the spot decision. This is the Jaipur City palace inspired wall art Series.
You can see the gold paint at an angle.
I made a series of 4 designs
Another close up
This piece just happened. I was making these coasters and I saw this 'Lacoste' ad and thought it would be cool if the guy were spilt into 2 coasters, later I thought it will look cooler framed and with a concept. So here he is floating above the cityscape, yearning freedom.
And here the piece I like best. Clarity.
Thanx so much for all the appreciation you guys have been giving me. I've got quite a few enquiries if I'm selling these pieces & the answer is a big YES. Some of them are already sold, but I do take commissions and for me the whole idea behind starting this was to create customised art. So in case you are interested in getting any such work created/customised especially for you, do write to me on vineetanair2222@gmail.com.

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