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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I am Runjhun Jain's biggest fan. And I will refuse to relinquish that position despite the numerous and humongous fan clubs that might be formed in her favour in the future. I have said it here on record. Hear. Runjhun has to be the most creative person I've had the privilege of knowing and loving. And I'm glad she is finally doing the kind of work that I always say only she can do. Runjhun draws like most of us make conversation- without thinking too much about it, simply, effortlessly and in her own inimitable style. While the rest of us effort and try to do cool work, Runjhun's work simply IS.

Love makes you blind

Do click on the image to see it in all its glory. I *LOVE* the 'Alien doing Yoga'.
Just look at her little potted plants, one of her guys in air, the books, pebbles and the omlette fry
Love: Endless chitter chatter, its in the air
I just *heart* her beautiful typo
Sometimes dreams become balloons, the important thing is to hold onto them
Nature doodlesNature doodles
Nature doodle
Winter. Attack of the turnips.
Lost in translation: her mad characters with an Indian twist.
'Whatever' :)
Her people sketches are what I love the best though
These are sketches of friends
and loved ones.
I love her sense of colour. Sigh...
You can see more of her work on her visual journal 'whypillow'

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