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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just when i decide i will blog more often (meaning more than 3 times a month) whom do I discover? Someone who has 9 blogs on different subjects that actually get updated. And what is the miracle in all of this? It is that she still lives a life interesting enough to fill 9 blogs with. I was about to start this post by extolling the virutes of her fantastic Indian design blog & then I discovered the movie blog, kitchen blog, the international-design-pick blog, the book blog, the musings blog, the list blog, the travel blog & a quasi personal blog- Phew!
Introducing multi-blogging Diva, Kavita Rayirath of Indian By Design! Kavita is an advertising professional(advertising will one of these days earn the distinction of contributing most members to the blogging world) and what is so striking about Indian by design is the format & that 80% of the content is generated for the blog. Kavita speaks with artists, architects, shop owners and brings us the creator's perspective. I also love the homes she has featured.

PhotoFeature- Zubin Pastakia
Archi-feature, Aniket Bhagwat

What amazes me about Kavita & her blogs is that the personalities who write these different blogs don't overlap. Her design blog is written by someone with a firm grip on design, her travel blog is written by the consummate traveller and her movie blog by a serious movie buff. And each blog has real gems to offer up. I am so tempted to post some examples of the 'gems' but that will make some 15 more posts. So I will desist and let you figure out.

All images are from Kavita's blog Indian By Design

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