Thursday, November 27, 2008

What started last night continues, its been 18 hours now and the terrorists are still holding so many people to ransom. Deaths, injuries, but above all there is this overwhelming sensation of helplessness, anger. It's so many centuries since we've 'evolved' from the neanderthal man. And where is the evolution?
I promised myself I wouldn't rant here. So I won't. Instead here are some images of peace. From across the world. From different flickr streams. Just look at his face.

Shawn Econo's Flickr

Asiadsb's flickr

And finally my favourite image. I just wanted to leave you'll with a smile.

I have put together a collection of images from flickr & for the 1st time I have not written to ask for permission. In case anyone has an objection to their images being used here, let me know, I will remove it.

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